What to know about the Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower is that place that many people would love to revisit. If you visit this place once in your life, there are many reasons that will make you want to make a second visit. However, there are certainly things you don't know about this great tower. Find these very useful information in the following article.

Eiffel Tower, a Parisian tower

Located in the Parisian landscape, and with an incomparable silhouette and height, the Eiffel Tower is the most famous place in Paris. The destiny of this city which is the French capital, the guardian of the tower and the destiny of the tower are intimately linked. This tower since its inauguration has hosted many Parisian events. Several times, it has hosted the celebration that characterizes the French nation. Until now, there is no place in Paris where you will not see this tower. Whether it is a business trip or a professional reason that brings you to Paris, you will not miss this tower. It remains the first monument that any person visiting Paris wants to photograph.

Eiffel Tower, its detailed meaning for the French nation

This tower is the greatest symbol that distinguishes France from all other cities in Europe. Since its birth, it has never ceased to reveal to the world the industrial genius and the great French know-how. The whole world has been astonished by the stature and the audacity in the conception of this tower. Internationally recognized and a unique tourist site, this tower is present in the daily life of Parisians.  It is visible in every corner of Paris until one o'clock in the morning because of its strong and magnificent luminosity and its high visible height of more than 324 meters.

Understanding the iron puddle

At some point, the Eiffel Tower underwent a special treatment called puddling. During the melting of the mineral, this refining treatment allowed the removal of excess carbon. According to the engineer who integrated this tower, this treatment allowed to obtain a pure iron which was the most resistant among the materials. In order to avoid the risk of corrosion, the iron is covered with a thick layer of paint every 7 years.

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