Battery for laptop asus x555l">

Battery for laptop asus x555l

Thanks to the laptop battery, you can take it anywhere you want to use it. However, it can happen that your laptop battery becomes defective over the years. What are the 3 tips for choosing the right laptop battery?

Consider the battery voltage

When your laptop battery is no longer able to provide a sufficient charge, it is time to buy a new one. The Battery for laptop asus x555l offers you optimal battery life. Choosing the right battery requires taking into account certain parameters such as voltage. When choosing a replacement battery for your laptop, the voltage of the battery is very important. In general, the voltage of a laptop battery is between 10.8 volts and 14.4 volts. It should also be noted that it is not possible to exchange batteries with different voltages. This could damage the computer or make it unusable. Information about the laptop's voltage can be found on the sticker on the battery case.

Consider battery capacity

Another aspect to consider is the capacity of the computer's battery. Expressed in milliamp-hours (mAh) or watt-hours (Wh), this is the amount of electricity delivered in one hour/ampere. It corresponds to the lifetime of the battery. Therefore, the higher the displayed capacity, the longer the battery life. In general, this capacity is estimated at 4400mAh when it comes to a laptop battery. However, if you choose a higher capacity battery, you should be aware that it will be heavier and take up more space. Also, its size may not match the size of your laptop case.

The battery references

Besides the price, the other parameter to consider when buying replacement batteries is the product reference. You will find this reference on the battery. Simply remove it from your computer and read the identification sheet carefully. The battery voltage, capacity and references of the battery are important to make a good choice.

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