Differences between power sanding and hand sanding

To do sanding work, you have to choose the type of tool to use. And this choice depends mostly on the work to be done. It is then important to understand the difference between these tools to choose well. Discover in this article, the difference between the two types of sanding through the presentation of their different tools.

The different tools needed for electric sanding

The belt sander, also called belt sander, is one of the essential tools for electric sanding. Excellent tool for all roughing work, the belt sander is equipped with several rolls of abrasive tape to form an abrasive tape. It is an excellent tool for removing large amounts of material from incredibly large flat surfaces. Equipped with a rectangular, triangular or square shaped plate, the vibrating sander works by fixing an abrasive on the oscillating plate. The orbital sander is used for finishing, sanding and roughing. As for the eccentric sander, it is a variant of the orbital sander. This sander is often used to polish and buff any type of surface. You can also use it when fine abrasive is required for sanding work.

The different tools needed for manual sanding

Still called fine sanding block, the sanding block can never work without the sanding paper. It is this paper that holds the tool in place without the risk of injuring a finger. All types of shims play a very specific role. Fine shims are used for small surfaces and corners while block and flat shims are used for small flat surfaces and large flat surfaces respectively. As for sandpaper, also called abrasive paper, it is used in all the different sanding works. The steel wool is an excellent tool for stripping work. It ensures the sanding and stripping of metal, glass and even wood.

Keep in mind that the tools used for electric sanding are different from those used for manual sanding. And this is where the big difference between electric sanding and manual sanding lies.

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